At SEK-Catalunya knowledge is obtained through the exploration of concepts, research and the development of competencies that encourage critical thought and creativity.

Learning by doing is a way of learning that is practical, existential, collaborative and reflective. Teachers become facilitators who plan, organise and guide using their own experience. Students are presented with real and relevant tasks, such as organising the business exhibition SEK-Business Expo.

Our educational system means that we can ensure the best academic performance from our students. We prepare an education balanced between the following areas: sports, together with physical education for good health; fostering understanding and enjoyment of other cultures; natural and responsible use of technology; development of social and emotional intelligence; community service integrated into the learning process, visual, musical and dramatic arts, as an expression of other languages, and activities that enrich our educational framework.

SEK-Catalunya is a multilingual school, teaching through the medium of English, Catalan and Spanish. At every stage of education 70% of the curriculum is delivered through the medium of English, 15% in Catalan and 15% in Spanish. Starting from year 5 of Primary Education it is possible, in addition, to study a fourth language: French or German.

The SEK Group, a pioneer (1977) in the implementation in Spain of the International Baccalaureate Organisation® (IB) programmes, integrates their curricular framework in order to enhance the national curriculum in the form of a continuum from the ages of 3 up to 18 years of age.

The IB® Diploma enjoys great academic prestige and provides a means of access to the most prestigious universities in the world.


SEK-Catalunya offers a wide range of complementary activities whose aim is to develop the individual personality, qualities and interests of each and every student.


We personalise learning using the Intelligent Classroom methodology, defined as:

“A learning community, whose main objective is to develop the intelligence and values of each one of its students, who plan, implement and regulate their own activities, under the direction of their teachers who use a variety of teaching methods, and suggest real tasks, evaluated by the pupils and their teachers, in a multi-purpose, technologically equipped space”.

The University Baccalaureate is supported methodologically by the idea of the Flipped Classroom, that promotes the acquisition of information outside of classroom hours – with the support of technology – and the discussion, deepening and building of knowledge in the classroom. Students take responsibility for their own learning.

Individual Complementary Activities

SEK-Catalunya provides a full programme of activities designed to care for the individual personality development, qualities and interests of each and every student.