SEK Catalunya International School is located in La Garriga, in the Valles Oriental region, just 30 minutes from Barcelona and at the foot of the Montseny Nature Park:

  • Situated in quiet and secure residential surroundings.
  • The buildings for the various educational age groups (which occupy an area of 30,000m2) are distributed over an area covering 100,000m2.
  • At the rear of the grounds is a woodland area containing pine trees, oak trees and ferns: used as a extension to the classroom.

At SEK-Catalunya every space is at the service of the learning objectives set for each activity:


We have learning spaces of the highest quality in order to provide a quality education:

  • Intelligent classrooms, equipped with the latest technology and with a wide variety of teaching resources.
  • An entire floor dedicated to the sciences:
    • Two physics, chemistry and natural sciences laboratories.
    • Two classrooms
    • A specialist library
    • A central space for use as an exhibition area.
  • MakerSpace: a place in which pupils have the opportunity to explore, create and complete their own creations, under the supervision of their teachers in the various areas.
  • Robotics classrooms: pupils make use of their creativity whilst learning through experimentation, practising their skills in groups or acquiring programming knowledge.

  • Heppell or “Dream class”: designed for our Primary school students, within the framework of the 3rd Millennium Learning Environments, an international project led by Stephen Heppell (an expert in the design of learning environments).
  • Library:
    1. For Nursery, Preschool and Primary Education students.
    2. For Secondary Education and Baccalaureate students.

Our woodland is a great platform for sports and academic activities.

It allows students to come into contact with the natural world so that they learn to respect it and to take the environment into account.

  • It is the epicentre of outdoor sporting activities.
  • It is an extension of the classroom
  • A location for carrying out interdisciplinary activities where students put into practice the skills and knowledge that they have acquired.

The learning spaces include virtual environments that enrich the students’ educational process.

We make available to Nursery, Preschool and Primary Education students all the equipment necessary to facilitate their learning: iPads, netbooks, 3D printer.

From Primary Education year 6 onward, the centre offers the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) system with lockers equipped with electrical chargers to store and charge their personal computers, and a portal with applications for helping students with their activities.

SEK-Catalunya has links with the Trinity College London in order to provide this recognised institution’s Primary Musical Programme.

In order to run our music school well, an entire floor is allocated to it, equipped with various classrooms for learning instruments along with a concert hall.

The art classroom is located on this same floor, where students work on and experiment with the visual arts.

SEK-Catalunya has a full range of sports facilities:

  • Heated, covered swimming pool
  • Sports centre with multi-sports court: basketball, indoor football, artistic skating, hockey on skates and climbing wall
  • Open air sports pitches and courts: basketball, handball, hockey on skates, football, pádel and volleyball
  • Covered facilities: taekwondo, ballet, modern dance, fitness and psychomotor activity
  • Woodland with various facilities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cross country, slackline, orienteering, abseiling, lateral climbing or bouldering, zipwires and rope bridges