At the SEK Group we understand excellence as a means of high-quality personal and professional realisation through a strong basis in academics. Excellence demands rigour and effort, but also creativity and passion. The pursuit of excellence is a continuous goal in all of our activities, in addition to the desire to perfect each member of our learning community. We express excellence of our teaching activities through the ‘commitments and guarantees’ of our schools and university, endorsed by our learning community overall.

Our Guarantees

We ensure that the academic design of our learning model features the following traits:

  • Motivational: in order to awaken each student’s passion for learning and to develop the necessary abilities for life-long learning
  • Holistic: to foster the balanced development of aspects of students’ intellectual, social and emotional personality traits
  • Personal: encouraging each student to take responsibility for their own learning process, in line with their passions and interests
  • Connected and online: ensuring understanding of each discipline, their connection to other fields of thought, with other learning communities and the real world
  • Rich in resources: led by the best professionals in their fields, using space and technology creatively to bolster each student’s learning experience
  • Global: meeting local and global challenges, involving each student in seeking solutions based on a consciously inter-cultural and academic approach