SEK-Catalunya students participate in COVID-19 seminar

SEK-Catalunya students from Science National Baccalaureate, together with those of the Diploma Programme and the fourth year  of Secondary School, attended the online seminar on epidemic control and bioethics in the development of a vaccine in general and specifically against COVID-19

The seminar, which was also attended by students from International School SEK Ciudalcampo, was presented by doctor Luis Guerra, specialist in infectious diseases and first director of the Foundation for Biomedical Research at Ramón y Cajal Hospital.

In a previous work, all students developed a comprehensive research and data collection task in order to raise doubts and concerns that presented Doctor Guerra during the seminar, and thus enrich further the result of the seminar

The students have shown a lot of interest in the topic, of such relevance in current times, especially regarding the development of vaccines, the tests that include these developments, necessary phases and times in the research, licensing, production and global marketing of a new vaccine

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