Back to school in SEK-Catalunya

On the 8th of June, after almost three months with its doors closed to students, and with its spaces adapted to health and safety guidelines, SEK-Catalunya has reopened, partially, to receive groups of students from 6th grade of Primary , Infant Education and Nursery. They have entered the school with  limitless energy, enthusiasm, and smiles on their faces.

In compliance with the strictest health and safety measures described in the protocol, children have experienced a new school reality, but this has not prevented them from enjoying the presence, although somewhat more distant, of their peers and teachers. They have been able to share their stories, interesting outdoor activities, and suggest various games and fun activities to enjoy together..

After 61 days deprived of the possibility to attend classes, this partial return has been most encouraging, renewing everyone’s expectations for the start of the 2020-2021 academic year in September.


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