SEK-Catalunya on World Environment Day

SEK- Catalunya has taken part in the Green Schools Program since 2010. This project is set up by the Department of Sustainability and Territory of the Generalitat de Catalunya while implementing the ECOSEK Programme. These programs aim to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly best practices within our schemes of work from Infant School to Baccalaureate level.

World Environment Day, which took place on 5th June, is the United Nations celebration of the commitment to environmental action and gathers governments, businesses, personalities, and citizens around this vital issue.

This year the main topic is biodiversity, a matter of concern and urgent attention from unprecedented forest fires in Brazil, California and Australia, global warming, intensive agriculture, environmental pollution, and the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In this context, it is opportune to highlight the project that SEK-Catalunya’s four grader secondary school students, Sheila Serrano and Inés Monleón, carried out just before the confinement. “Boo Boo, the plastic monster” calls for awareness about the amount of plastic that was discarded within a week, both at school and in project authors and their peer’s homes, as a sign of the damage that this accumulation of materials causes in the environment

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