Fourth grade students participate in an integration project

SEK-Catalunya’s fourth-grade primary students were part of a project that brought together students from all SEK schools in Spain. In addition students from ESO 4 and the 1st IB Diploma Programme in SEK- El Castillo and SEK-Les Alpes also participated and the projects were moderated by cycle coordinators and tutors from participating SEK schools.

This activity, carried out online, between 12th and 16th June, aims for students to explore and reflect upon the current global situation, and consider its impact on our lives. The project also generated new opportunities for collaboration between different SEK schools.

Students of ESO 4 and the 1st IB Diploma group took part in a training course delivered by Miss Porter’s School (Connecticut, USA), which explored how the pandemic has changed the world, as well as their role in taking action to face the current global situation. With this previous experience, these students contributed interesting ideas and reflections to the primary school students, enriching the exchange and participating in a thinking routine, as a tool for analysis, reflection, and collaboration.

The team who leads the activity will prepare audio-visual materials to synthesize the final products made by the groups, and these will be shared with the SEK community on the 29th of June.

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