2019-2020 course ends at SEK-Catalunya

2019-2020 course has ended in SEK-Catalunya, a course unexpectedly interrupted with the appearance of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 virus that, despite all the bad that has left in its passage, it has also allowed the consolidation of latent strengths throughout the educational community.

The adaptation and commitment to the change made by all students, from the youngest to those who passed through their last weeks of Baccalaureate, modifying their study routines and fulfilling their daily tasks in the virtual format, has been moving and encouraging

It is also necessary to emphasize the commitment of teachers, tutors and teachers, to carry out the educational task and motivating the children daily.

Next September will mark the beginning of a new school cycle, and will be a time of reunion with friends, classmates, teachers, spaces and routines.

Happy holiday!!


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