Cinema Fest and Beyond Awards, the SEK Schools Short Film Festival

On 30 May, the second SEK International Schools Short Film Festival was held entitled. Cinema Fest and Beyond Awards, organised by the General Directorate of SEK International Schools and the Camilo José Cela University MediaLab. The main topic was “136 years of cinema”, and it revolved around how cinema is changing since its beginnings and how new technologies are revolutionising this industry.

The event was inaugurated by Maricruz Lagar, general director of SEK International Schools, who highlighted the relevance of the festival and thanked students, families, teachers, organisers and sponsors for their contribution.

The winners of the different categories were announced at an exciting awards ceremony. The winning teams were:

  • Best short film in the “beginners” category: It all started with an ant by SEK-Catalunya.
  • Best “initiated” short film: Nobody by SEK-Alborán.
  • Best “undergraduate” short film: Cumpleaños de Celestia from SEK-Ciudalcampo.

In addition, a special award was given to Maricruz Lagar for her perseverance in introducing the arts in SEK Schools, for her creativity and passion.

For Dima Farré, organiser of the festival, “cinema is part of our society, we cannot conceive it without it, it is a form of culture, like photography or music” and highlighted the weight of this educational project at SEK, because “we also work especially on learning about the SDGs through cinema.” Film can serve as a medium to explore imaginary worlds and evoke deep emotions, promoting meaningful and creative learning.

This festival not only celebrates the creativity of young filmmakers, but also highlights the importance of cinema as an educational tool. It is closely linked to the SEK competency profile because it allows the development of communication, research, collaboration or research skills, among others.