SEK-Catalunya enriches the various knowledge areas with a full programme of extracurricular activities that have been designed based on the principles of the SEK Educational Model.

We work with our pupils to develop skills that will help them confront the challenges and constant changes of the 21st century.

We offer a wide variety of activities:

  • Sports academies: indoor football basketball, volleyball roller hockey, figure skating, swimming, synchronised swimming golf, tennis ping pong, fitness multisport, outdoor, taekwondo, trail running.
  • Arts Schools: instrument workshop, instruments, musical ensembles, electronic music, workshop, Ballet, modern dance, drama magic, arts & crafts, drawing, painting and ceramics, photography, video and image audiovisual narrative and multimedia
  • Well-being Academy: yoga, Free-play, directed play, educachef , catechesis before and after school care
  • Academic Education: Robotics, drones, story time Chinese language and culture, russian language and culture, Cambridge Exams, language support, extra swimming, speech therapy KUMON
Registration process:

Registration takes place in the School Office, by handing in the completed registration form.

Extracurricular activities are organised under the supervision of the Deputy Director for Academic Organization, Mr Jordi Ros ( and with the heads of each area:

Arts schools:

Sports academies:

Wellness school: Each stage coordinator.

Academic education: Each stage coordinator.

Download the extra-curricular activities leaflet 2018-2019