The SEK-Catalunya music school is affiliated with the Liceu Conservatory and offers the Primary Music Programme.

Thanks to this association, all students from Preschool up to Baccalaureate receive full training which comprises:

  • The language of music.
  • Rhythms and harmonies.
  • Learning instruments.

Our music school tries to be a way in which our students can:

  • Exploit their creativity.
  • Develop their talents and consolidate their personal skills
  • Learning to enjoy music at the same time.

Students who want to, can take their examinations to obtain official diplomas from the Conservatory.

SEK-Catalunya music school activities take place in the ArtSpace, which has been equipped with:

  • A concert hall
  • Various music rooms
  • Four specific classrooms for the learning of instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, cello, flute and a variety of percussion instruments.