The SEK-Catalunya School of Music, partnered with Trinity College London, offers the Trinity Music Programme, a first class, internationally renowned curriculum that is fully aligned with the IB principles.

Thanks to this association, all students from Preschool up to Baccalaureate receive full training which comprises:

  • The language of music.
  • Rhythms and harmonies.
  • Learning instruments.

Our music school tries to be a way in which our students can:

  • Exploit their creativity.
  • Develop their talents and consolidate their personal skills
  • Learning to enjoy music at the same time.

Students who want to, can take their examinations to obtain official diplomas from the Trinity.

SEK-Catalunya music school activities take place in the ArtSpace, which has been equipped with:

  • A concert hall
  • Various music rooms
  • Four specific classrooms for the learning of instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, cello, flute and a variety of percussion instruments.