I am delighted to welcome you to SEK International School Catalunya.

This school year we are marking our 25th anniversary, and we do so having consolidated our reputation as one of the best schools in Barcelona, with excellent teaching and sports facilities and offering superb artistic and technological experiences.

We are proud to follow the most innovative trends in education and to offer the international education programmes taught at all SEK Education Group schools. We are committed to ensuring that all students receive a personalised and quality education based on values. We pay special attention to the all-round development and education of our students, aware that this development is not only academic but also emotional, relational and physical.

With that spirit, we recently opened the International Boarding House, which has gone from nine to twenty-two students in just one year. Our success has been in providing students with magnificent accommodation where they can learn to live together and share experiences with students from five continents. Our goal is to ensure that boarders grow personally and acquire the necessary preparation to face adult life with autonomy, independence and an open and international mentality.

Our boarders’ residence has been another step in the internationalisation of our school, a process in continues year after year. With an increasingly diverse and multicultural student body and faculty, the educational community of SEK-Catalunya is composed of more than 20 different nationalities. Which is why we continue to offer English as the main language at our school. The percentage of the syllabus taught in English varies according to the educational stage, but in all cases it is above 60%. Our expectation is that, in the next three years, English will be the only language of instruction. Of course, students will continue to learn Spanish and Catalan, while also maintaining the option of acquiring a fourth language by choosing between French and German.

We continue to bolster our teaching of the International Baccalaureate Organisation curriculum. We are the only school in Catalonia and one of the few in Spain that offers these three curricular programmes. The excellent results obtained by our students in the Diploma Programme are an extraordinary letter of introduction for access to the best universities in Spain and abroad.

There are three other aspects that attest to the value of learning experiences at SEK-Catalunya. First, the strength of the technological curriculum, with students learning through real experiences with robotics, drones or 3D printing. We are also very proud of the quality of learning spaces that inspire students allowing them to develop freely and motivating them to work as a team. Finally, we would like to highlight our School of Music, in partnership with the Conservatori del Liceu, where students develop their artistic and aesthetic side while acquiring a first-class musical education.

We are also aware that another aspect that stands us apart is our incomparable setting. We are in the heart of nature, with a large forest on school grounds. The forest is an extension of the classroom and real learning happens among the trees. At the same time, it is a recreational space where students go to do sports and to participate in team building activities, without doubt activities that reinforce their skills and foster balanced personal growth, emotional health and happiness

Roberto Prata

Principal of SEK International School Catalunya